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King Lucas
 •  DevilishGames

 •  Hidden Trap (Nintendo Switch)

 •  Windows

 •  Mac OS X  •  SteamOS + Linux

Release date(s)
 •  1 Dec, 2016 (Steam)

 •  21 Feb, 2020 (Nintendo Switch)

Action, Adventure, Indie
Multiplayer, Singleplayer

King Lucas is THE most important character the player can meet. He is so important, that even the game is named after him! Right at the beginning of the game, King Lucas is standing in front of his castle asking the hero for help. With every level, he has another request for the hero, but will pay royally.

The story goes, that the King had an affair with the Witch of Sausan and then the queen left him and married another king. Now the daughters are the only ones left at his side, so it's very tragic, when they got lost in the dangerous castle.

Official site[edit | edit source]

Languages[edit | edit source]

  • English
  • Spanish

Game features:[edit | edit source]

  • Loot coins and buy better weapons, shields, useful potions, keys or upgrades like compasses or crystal balls.
  • Start multiplayer sessions and compete with your friends - or complete strangers - in a search for the princess.
  • Interact with NPCs throughout your journey through the maze and find out more about the story.