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Once the game starts, players will have the chance to create their knight character and define some of it's looks. After the character creation, the story will start with the knight arriving at King Lucas' weird castle. Once the conversation with King Lucas is over, the castle will open and one is presented a view of the map and how much is already uncovered there. Once inside, players can move the little knight with WASD and use the space-key or LMB for sword play. Pressing "W" will cause the hero to jump or move up on ladders, while "A" and "S" will let him move sideways. "D" will let him move down (from a ladder). "I" does open the inventory and "M" the map.

  • King Lucas will ask to find a loved one inside the castle's maze.
  • The maze will get more and more complicated with every level.
  • Barrels contain goodies, but sometimes also the Witch of Sausan is hiding in them.
  • If players have collected enough money, they can buy upgrades and useful items from the Witch of Sausan and the Blacksmith.
  • Sometimes there are NPC encounters.
  • There are big mobs spread throughout the map - be prepared!